BOUDICCA : MOVE / Exhibition @ PCA



I’ll be honest, prior to this exhibition I had never even heard of House of Boudicca.  Alas promises of free gin do not go unheard throughout a college and next thing I knew I was in the exhibition space with a rather liberal gin and tonic enjoying the alcohol… and the art.

This display shows many of their inspirations and outcomes of their most recent collection, the clothes themselves are beautiful but there is something about Boudicca that sets is apart from most collections, you can really feel the story and the drama with each outfit and also the skills and time that went into making it. It celebrates fashion away from fashion as a product that instils this idea that dressing should be stylish and personal and not necessarily fashionable for the sake of being in fashion. There is a lot of black which is standard art influence and you feel instant connection with the intricacy of the Haute Couture, I dread to think how much it all costs, but this exclusivity is not about pushing a product, it’s about embracing an idea, that mass production is essentially a load of pap –  and that is what had me sold.



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