Line Up.

Now I must admit I am a bit of a sucker for your standard six straight figures in a row with your lovely designs just floating off their shoulders, but that really isn’t me. People always tell you that when it comes to your portfolio you just need to express your true self, which in evidence seems a load of pish, most fashion design portfolios all look the bleeding same, which is weird because all of our design journeys and outcomes are unique, yet we feel we have to lay them out in a standard ‘fashion portfolio way’.  Of course I am guilty. White background, check, obscure shapes behind drawings, check. I would love to see a portfolio with out a white background or sketching over bodice photos. Maybe one day I will but I can definitely feel my work going in a certain way because it feels like it should be done that way, which completely defies the object of a creative portfolio. This ending up in there is unlikely but it’s good to see yourself progress. So here is my line up. 5 outfits to make in 6 weeks, no pressure.


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