On Location : The Bread & Roses


Candles in glass bottles… forever a classic.

So today I was on shoot styling for St Lukes Hospice & The Plymouth Herald in conjunction with the ‘Plymouth in Fashion’ week in May. The shoot took place at the Bread & Roses on Ebrington St, which is the only community hub/cafe/pub and art space in Plymouth. They have not been open too long but it really is a lovely place and I hope it stays successful for a long time to come. If anything I am just sad I do not go there more!

The shoot was organised as a collaboration between those involved in fashion in Plymouth to promote, well, Fashion in Plymouth. St Lukes hospice run an amazing vintage themed charity shop on Ebrington St which provided us with our clothing for today. Jess and Vicky, also third year fashion students, styled this shoot along with myself. It was great fun planning our looks and I always forget what gems you can find when you really look in charity shops. If you haven’t been in you really need to.

On another note, I really hope something else half cultural turns up on this street, it’s right next to the art college and shopping mall but just seems to always be forgotten about. It even has a church of Scientology (who on earth belongs to this in Plymouth I would love to know….




Mob wife material. Vicky Parnall styles it up with vintage glamour.




Topshop eat your heart out. Smart and Seventies. Jess Vincent hits those trend nails bang on the head. You need to see the shoes that went with this gorgeous suede dress. Watch this space.


A peek at the styling table, those Louis Vuitton trainers are now back on sale in St Lukes for a very good price. Sadly they are way to big for me, if only shoes were as easy to take in as clothes!


Neon tribes. Inspired by African & Asian summer, styled by yours truly. I didn’t even realise the Bread & Roses had a green and red theme going on.



My Iphone couldn’t handle the colours on this pastel rockabilly outfit. So here’s the version. Rosie liked this outfit so much she bought it!

All in all today was a lot of fun, can’t wait to show you the professional photos!


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