Sustainable Swing [Tags]


As a third year fashion student you are expected to brand and create a six piece collection that is on par with brands that have been established for quite some time whilst trying to be innovative, aware of your eco footprint and cost effective to the fact that you are ultimately a student living on noodles. To do things well you do have to be a bit crafty, the cost of a fashion degree is insane, especially if you have a perfectionist streak that constantly warns you away from the cheap fabrics (sometimes they work, more often they don’t). One of my major bug-a-boos with branding came with care labels, if you are mass producing a line of 500 pairs of trousers, care labels are pretty easy to come by. If you are creating 17 different garments then you don’t have much leg room in terms of creating individual ones. Of course there are crafty ways you can create them yourself (Test strip of mimaki anyone?) but to be honest I just wanted someone else to do it for me. In the end I left the fibre content off of my care labels and I am secretly praying that my garments are indeed safe to be handwashed…

But every cloud has it’s silver lining and whilst my OCD struggles to come to terms with generic care labels, I realised that creating branding for a small collection can have it’s advantages. I have collected swing tags long before I started uni and I am always impressed by a flashy one (Sad maybe, but you definitely think it too), Coco De Coeur even issued sweets with theirs! So I had to be a bit flashy, if I do not need to mass print 500 labels on card then I wont, in fact I liked my idea so much that even on a large scale I think I would put in the pennies for these.

Mix tapes. Maybe a bit hipster but I actually don’t mind hipsters (Over the age of 20 anyway). They were surprisingly harder than at first thought to find, as I scouted every charity shop in Plymouth to no avail, luckily if you’re after something old or strange little Camden will always oblige. Anyway I love a good mix tape and would be very impressed if I bought a jumper with this attached, what do you think? I’m planning on recording some mixes on these so will have to have a good ear orgy on soundcloud to scout for some artists I would like to promote and for those who can’t bear the thought of analogue, maybe I will provide a digital link too.

Music and Fashion… Let’s keep it alive. Bye bye boring swing tags…


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