Julien MacDonald : Backstage @ LFW



Well this post is a bit overdue… but still relevant. You know you’re a busy bee when you don’t even post about the most interesting stuff going on! Despite being 200 miles away, a few weeks ago I was given the opportunity to do some dressing for JM at his LFW show at the beautiful royal courts of justice. Naturally I was there to work and was not permitted to take photos however there were so many photographers backstage that I’ve stolen a few photos to give you an idea of the experience. It was very organized and you could tell how hard the staff and interns had been working prior to the show. Julian was backstage most of the evening and was as fabulous as ever, they also had the poshest sandwiches and the biggest collection of vita coca I have ever seen. Will definitely take some tips when organizing the PCA show this year, though I must say the difference in budget is a little different to say the least!


Beautiful dresses, organized boards and rails… what is not to love for an OCD Fashion freak like me?



Images courtesy of fashionising.com






I helped these lovely ladies into their dresses and at roughly £25000 a pop, no pressure on handling it safely! They were heavy but looked amazing, maybe not for a night down Revs though…



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