Fabric Shopping : London Baby


A bit of marketing genius from Walthamstow market…

Those of you who are fellow janners with a penchant for fashion design will know, that Plymouth is rubbish for fabric ! There is a trusty stall in the market that will supply you with every shade of hideous polyester lining, unlimited netting to make those dreaded hen night ra ra skirts, knock off liberty cotton poplin and some would be amazing neon faux fur if it was just that little bit more better quality. There is a haberdashery in town which has a few gems depending when you go in and a shop on the Barbican that has a few nice but very limited fabric. Dunelm mill will sort you out for Curtains and there is a trade shop in Faraday mill in which I have never been. I imagine this lack of fabric resource to be for the fact that a) the whole market is narrow as no-one really makes clothes anymore and b) if you come to Plymouth you would understand.

That said, the whole fashion department are advised to take regular trips to London, not that I mind, I love London! I only found a few of these places through reading blogs so it makes sense for me to share my favourite haunts with you !




Walthamstow Market (Walthamstow Central)

I was sceptical when I first heard about how cheap this place is as I do not really associate as London being cheap anywhere however I was pleasantly surprised! Shops selling fabric from 50p a meter and lots of different stock in each shop. It wasn’t really relevant to what I needed in regards to my final collection but will most definitely be going here again for myself. Great for velvets, cottons and jerseys. Also lots of haberdashery and trimmings! Found some really lovely things. Would definitely recommend, although i think it’s good to mention that apparently it is a lot better on a saturday when all traders are on the market, I went on a thursday.





Dalston (Dalston Kingsland)

From the Dalston mill fabrics website, I was expecting some mass style shop so was very confused after I had bartered my way through the street market to this tiny little shop front. do not let looks deceive you, this shop is massive and has a whole host of different fabrics at all reasonable prices and good quality, I bought some nice navy suiting and waterproofing, would definitely go again.



Goldhawk road (Goldhawk rd, Shepherds Bush Market, Shepherds Bush)

I read online that there are plans to knock down this whole area, I certainly hope not, there are LOADS of fabric shops along this strip so it seems silly to go fabric shopping without visiting here. You can find pretty much anything and there is generally a good variation. I need to go back on saturday and hopefully find some nice charmeuse! Reasonably priced but all of the shops slightly vary. There are also a few fabric stalls in shepherds bush market which is midway through the street and again reasonably priced.




Berwick St, Soho (Oxford Circus, Picadilly Circus)

This street has a few lovely shops but cloth house is definitely my favourite, lots of nice fabric you don’t really find anywhere else and student discount when you spend over £10! What is not to like? Its very pretty inside. Also check out so high so ho next door, there is nothing in regards to fabric but what a great shop !

Where are your favourite fabric sources?



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