Happy New Year !


So it is now January 3rd – Hangovers are dwindled, sale rails empty, public transport resumed and I’m slowly starting to know what day of the week it is again, safe to say the new year has began ! (Unless your Chinese). I know there a lot of neigh sayers online hating on the “New year, new me” spirit that seems to spread via Facebook and Twitter at this time of year, but they can keep their opinion I say! Of course you do not need to wait for New Year to change things about your life or about yourself, however it is a natural milestone in my eyes and therefore a great time for reflection on the year just passed, 2013 had many a good time and many lessons learned! But out of every teeny bit of useful and nonsensical information my brain absorbed last year… I guess the biggest lesson I learned was that if you don’t learn from your lessons they will come around again… essentially, you can’t ignore your demons, you must fight them, if you ever plan to be a better version of yourself. You can’t cheat your Universe… it knows…

2014 is going to be a hard year, but for the right reasons…In 6 months time I’m going to have a bound dissertation in hand looking at a 6 outfit collection with a (hopeful first – realistic 2:1) BA under my belt, what will I blog about then? The perils of a graduate fashion student on the hunt for that little thing called a job?… Most likely. Like many graduating fashionistas, I plan to move to the big L in the summer, a massive feat in its own right, and I do worry about money, I mean it can’t keep you happy but sometimes you just need a few quid to keep you going – any student of fashion knows how expensive our course is, what they don’t tell you is that it is so much worse when you leave! So I think some proper scrimping is in order this year! I’ve just bought a new laptop so here’s to hoping I can afford the internet in 6 months time… I’ve just finished Christmas temping at Topshop which has paid for said laptop, 100ml Juicy Couture LA LA and my Christmas shopping, my next student loan has been budgeted for fabric and my BK wages pay my rent and tide me along with the odd takeaway and night out… Maybe my resolution should be to start playing lotto every week?


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