New Palace Theatre : RIP Dance Academy







For those of you that share my Janner roots, you will know all about the ‘beautiful eyesore’ on Union St, last known as ‘Dance Academy’ until an infamous raid ensured it’s closing in 2006, yet formally known as the ‘New Palace Theatre’ which was built in 1898. The building has been derelict since it’s closure as it’s future has been uncertain, there are currently people renovating the building to a safe standing (grade II listed, so no chance of a tear down luckily) and I was lucky enough to have a look around inside (Urbex is another great interest of mine aside from fashion). It’s quite haunting to walk around such an old and beautiful space and also sad to see it’s decline, albeit amusing to still see full bottles of reef left around. This was a spontaneous visit so please excuse the 4S photography.  If you are interested in seeing some professional photos there are many urbex forums out there.


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