It would be rude to take a trip to London without a cheeky trip to Shoreditch/Brick Lane, the area has a great juxtaposition between derelict and chic. I’m a fan of graffiti in the right places and it really gives character to the area, whilst much of it is simply tags, there are also some more art inspired creations. The padlocks on the fence opposite Shoreditch High St Train Station are so cute and I hope many more come to share a symbol of their love.

Also kudos to ELLE magazine for teaming up with The Vagenda Magazine to promote modern feminism, they have created an advertising space where women can tweet “Imawomanand” [insert witty & empowering statement] “print” and it will print you a sticker instantly to be plastered anywhere you choose. Naturally I took part and left my mark, definitely check it out if you are in the area.

As for the car on the roof, there is something very glastonbury Shangri-La/ Boomtown festival-esque about it, what a magical place. And who can forget all the amazing vintage shops? Sadly I left empty handed this time as had already spent my clothing dollar on Oxford Street (sorry not sorry).


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