Dans les Coulisses : Emma Barrow + Bibi & Mac + Nil By South






Today I assisted a menswear shoot at a beautiful location not too far away from home. The purpose of the shoot included my beloved pink tartan suit as well as clothing provided by Bibi & Mac. I have never worked on location before and to be honest scarcely in the studio – there is so much with fashion that I want to be involved with but I’m happy to say that I am an amateur – practice makes perfect and all that. I think I really need to start pushing my styling skills, especially as my design skills are constantly improving with my uni work. I’m excited to see the final shots but a photographers work is never done and Emma will be at LFW soon so I’m just going to have to watch this space! 

I think it’s great that professionals are willing to get involved in Devon as fashion generally dismisses connections with the south west. Whilst I will agree that there is hardly an array of blinged up bloggeristas hanging in the bars and the town centres, there are still plenty who love fashion. Needless to say we also have many great locations and probably a lot less police trying to check your shooting licence. 







You can see Emma’s Stunning fashion & portrait photography @ http://www.emma-barrow.com/ @ https://twitter.com/barrowemma

Bibi & Mac is a local boutique store stocking gorgeous mens and women’s clothing @ https://twitter.com/BibiandMac


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