Bradley x BVLGARI : Paris Fashion Week











So in between sewing, sketching, not sleeping, stressing and all the other wonders of being a fashion student, there is always a piece of fashion news that makes you sigh, heavily. So if I wasn’t jealous enough of missing LCM, MFW and Glastonbury this year, I log on to my beloved instagram to find some of my followers meeting this lovely fellow at the BVLGARI party in Paris on July 2nd. 

Fashion + Bradley = My kind of heart attack – but lets not go fangirl overboard. Bradley is not shy to fashion weeks and has been spotted FROWing in the past but I wonder why he turned up at BVLGARI flashing his watch from that very brand? Could we see an endorsement coming on? Bradley is obviously keen to keep in line with his Italian heritage supporting Haagen Daz ice cream and BVLGARI is a renowned Italian Luxury brand, or maybe he just wanted to go. 

Either way any excuse for me to look at Bradley in a suit is a good one. Might Pin this as final collection research…


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