Dior : Fall Couture 2013 & Jennifer Lawrence



So pretty much any fashionista on the internet in the past few days would have seen Jennifer Lawrences ensemble for the Dior 2013 couture shows. Her outfit has sparked mixed reviews –  so I thought I would throw in my 10ps worth. Personally I love the outfit but if I was wearing it myself I would have styled it slightly differently, I would have worn hair up and different shoes –  though I have no idea what type, I just feel the round toe stilettos are a little boring.

I think the shades give it the attitude that she most definitely possesses and her hair looks great lighter and shorter. There is something very early noughties about this ensemble and without the lace I would be claiming JW Anderson – naturally I like Dior but I have mixed feelings about the design choices of Raf Simmons. I generally was not impressed with their fall haute couture collection but each to their own. Scroll down to see my thoughts on the looks that I did like.

Also for those of you who have been living in a box for the last year or so and are asking yourself, why do I care about Jennifer Lawrence in Dior? Well she was commissioned last year as a model for the brand in some rather lovely advertising yet in true Jennifer Style her reaction was

“That isn’t me…I love Photoshop more than anything in the world… People don’t look like that”









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