Catwalk #pcafashion


So from the panic of an empty sketchbook, countless toiles & patterns, a few tears, a few more hundred miles and more tea than all of china – a collection makes its way to the catwalk. Whilst usually I am lusting at the photos of many a great designers work, I am pleased to say I am finally writing about mine! 

I have nothing but good to say about the Plymouth college of art end of year show – compared to last year (lets not go into that) the whole department from staff to students have really upped their game. Not to mention the friends and professional models that participated this year, the photographers that worked for free, Ben from graphics and the ERC & sound and lighting team. I will follow with more blog posts about some of my fellow amazing students…

As a secon year student we were required to produce a capsule collection consisting of two or three outfits. Factors such as cost and skill were taken into account when deciding on the number of pieces, I opted for two due to the difficulty of making a suit and the cost of fabric (Harris tweed don’t ya know!) Naturally being female I think there is a 100 things I could have done better/ differently however I am pleased with my outcomes. 

Due to having such small second year collections we were paired up to share the catwalk –  I shared with my good friend Stefani (








Photos by St Columb Photography :








Photos by Jamie Sweetlove :







Photos by Simon Rawling :




Photo by Phillipa Brett:



Looking good backstage!

My collection was influenced by androgyny so I loved how we swapped models on my orange piece between the two shows, what do you think?




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