GFW : Best of Manchester Metropolitan University


As any fashion design student should know, a visit to graduate fashion week is essential, there is so much good work on show and it is really good to get a scope of the standard you need to be at to enter in the industry. There is so much creativity and everyone is so passionate, whilst there the only university show I saw (aside from the best of and gala) was the Manchester Metropolitan University – There show was really good and I have chosen my three favourites.

Adam Jones took inspiration from derelict buildings and played on the cats among the piegons theme in a playful way. Charlie Horncastle took inspiration from a day at the seaside giving us a new spin on the term ‘sea punk’. Lisa Mconniffe’s neon and tassles lit up the catwalk. I understand the pressure to get this work done and I am sure they are all very proud!

I am also currently in the midst of finishing touches for PCA’s fashion show, so the rest of the GFW updates will have to wait!


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