Wanderlust : Jeremiahs Journey

Before Christmas PCA collaborated with a local charity called Jeremiahs Journey in which they donated our fashion department a host of knackered ball gowns and party dresses which we had to totally revamp into kooky party pieces to be resold for the charity.

Our spec was not the simple fixing zips and sewing on sequins, it was to create a whole new dress. We were given our brief and design starting point before we even received the dresses. Our design route was individual but based on a group theme that was given to us and we had to work together to decided colourways, hem lengths etc. My groups theme was Transport, which led me personally to the tube, not instantly the most inspiring of places! However the project was great fun and we raised plenty of pennies!





Here is a visual summary of my final piece and inspirations. Below is some other sketchbook work from along my design journey.




We are still awaiting more photos from the show (don’t worry I am on the case!) But here are a few from jeremiahs Journeys photographer.



More photos can be found here


More information on the amazing work that Jeremiahs Journey do here



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